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Curviso® Curved Panel Sign Frame with Clear Base and Brochure Pocket
Curviso® Curved Panel Sign Frame with Clear Base and Brochure Pocket

Curviso® Three Sided Rotating Kiosk with Pockets
Curviso® Three Sided Rotating Kiosk with Pockets


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IHD Healthcare Displays

For years, Braeside Displays has been providing daycare centers, schools, hospitals, and healthcare facilities with a unique line of display products helping to promote hygiene etiquette and stop the spread of germs.  We’ve now combined our complete line of Intelligent Healthcare Displays (IHD) products with our large selection of Braeside displays, making it easier to shop for all your display needs in a single location.

With IHD healthcare displays from Braeside Displays you can effectively communicate the importance of essential hygiene etiquette to students, patients and staff while providing your work environment with powerful tools for fighting the spread of bacteria, virus and disease.

 Infection Control Stations
Infection Control Stations

 Hygiene Etiquette Posters
Hygiene Etiquette Posters

 Compact Hygiene Dispensers
Compact Hygiene Dispensers

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IHD Infection Control Stations

Our wide selection of attractive wall and floor infection control stations are ideal for lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways and any high-traffic areas.  Our wall and floor hygiene stands and kiosks incorporate our easy-change Snap-Tight poster frames with “flip and click” technology, as well as tamper-resistant dispensers for tissues, masks and hand sanitizers.  Our pole mounted, free-standing sign stands are also available in several configurations including with attached sign frames and sanitizing dispensers.

IHD Compact Hygiene Dispensers

IHD healthcare product dispensers and hand sanitizers help you effectively promote hygiene etiquette and eliminate clutter. We manufacture compact multi-function hygiene stations, exam glove dispensers, hand washing sanitizers and emergency crash boxes. These hygiene dispensers are ideal additions for reception areas, exam rooms, hallways or anywhere there's critical need to promote hygiene etiquette in limited spaces.

IHD Hygiene Etiquette Posters

Our hygiene etiquette posters are designed to promote cough and hand hygiene etiquette in a light-hearted yet effective manner.  There are many fun and effective hygiene etiquette posters to choose from in various categories, including cover your cough posters, hand hygiene posters, ask the staff posters, 'clean hands club' pediatric posters and HIPAA compliant posters that remind staff to be cautious with patient information.

Custom Healthcare Displays

Not finding exactly what you need?  We also produce healthcare displays in custom colors, sizes and styles at prices lower than you would expect.  For additional information about our custom display capabilities call us at (800) 837-9888 or visit